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Installation of Access Control Systems

Gatepro installs access control systems for your gate which can consist of:

  • Remote Control: You can open your gate with the help of a remote control without stepping out of your vehicle. This will offer you great convenience and security if late at night or in the case of bad weather conditions.
  • Audio and Video Intercoms: For complete control over the access to your premises, Gatepro install audio and video intercom access control systems. With this system you have full control over the entry of individuals to your premises. Choosing the video intercom system can allow you the option of receiving notifications to your mobile phone when you are not at your premises.
  • GSM Gate Openers: Gatepro install GSM gate openers. This unit is fitted with a SIM card and you can personally add and/or remove the numbers in its database. This system allows the access only when the call is made to registered phone numbers. When a person calls the system, it reads the calling number and looks for the match in its database. If found, it allows the access and if not found, the call is simply ignored.

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