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Upgrade to Existing Gates

Already have gates but want to install an automatic system to your existing gates? Gatepro can provide this service. We automate any existing gates of your residence or commercial property. Installing an automatic system in existing gates is a less expensive option than full installation of new automatic gates. Automatic gates can be installed in any gate no matter what material, shape and size it is currently.

Gatepro makes the required alterations to your existing gates so that it can accommodate automation. Often the alterations are very minor and can be carried out on site. We also advise you which motor will best suit your gates and once you have decided on your system, Gatepro will take care of the rest.
Gatepro have automated many existing gates giving them an additional touch of luxury and convenience for their clients. We have earned a valued reputation from our clients because of the efficient and timely delivery of our projects.

Before starting with this process, Gatepro conducts a free consultation to evaluate your existing gates. We take into consideration each and every factor like your driveway, any slopes and distance from the road. We also check the condition and strength of your existing gate, the hinges and mounting brackets. Once the client agrees with the quotation supplied, the process generally takes 1 – 2 days and we ensure that our client faces minimum disruption.

Automation Brands carried out by Gatepro